24 APRIL 2013

New SW 8000 Ride on Sweeper - 2 Metre Sweeping Path In One Go!

​The Nilfisk SW8000 is designed with attention to details that matters to you such as better safety features, easier operator control, simple maintenance and functional features that provide better performance, reliability and a lower total cost of cleaning.


With its extraordinary 2 metre wide sweeping path, the SW8000 lets you sweep and clean large areas, such as car parks, warehouses and factory floors and it will only take a fraction of the time it takes a conventional sweeper.

The ride-on sweeper comes with a number of technically innovative features:

  • The unique DustGuard™ feature with misting nozzles sprays a fine fog of moisture to the front and side brushes, effectively controlling airborne dust for a cleaner environment.
  • The main brush’s 1.3 metre sweeping path is the widest in the industry, providing you better performance and faster cleaning. With side brushes the total cleaning width of SW8000 is 2 metres.
  • The strong polyethylene covers offer a high driving protection and even absorbing bumps up to 8 km/h. At the same time, they are fully recyclable in line with Nilfisk’s environmental-awareness policy.
  • The huge and comfortable operator compartment means less fatigue. One-Touch™ control and a clear view of the working zone give a better cleaning result with greater safety.
  • The Nilfisk NoTools system makes service extremely easy saving valuable time and keeps down the service cost.

The Nilfisk SW800 industrial-class ride-on sweeper for fast and productive cleaning is developed on the basis of the deep and broad knowledge of the needs and requirements of our customers.