08 JULY 2014

SCRUBTEC 453 – Great productivity and ease of use at a very attractive price

​The SCRUBTEC 453 is a robust and easy to use scrubber drier, ideally suited for indoor cleaning of warehouses, car showrooms, car garages and gas stations. The high productivity of SCRUBTEC 453 is due to the simplicity in construction and daily use, which also means less maintenance and low consumption of water, thanks to the Eco solution. The SCRUBTEC 453 is a machine ready to be used – great productivity that simply works for you!

The new SCRUBTEC 453 offers high suction performance to ensure dry and clean floors – even on tile floors. The brush pressure of 34 kg will match any cleaning task, and it has a curved squeegee for 100% water pick-up on all types of floors.

Operating the machine has been made easy and comfortable with an ergonomic handle from which brush and water are controlled by using just two safety switches, other electrical components are placed in waterproof housing.


Additional features 

  • 53 cm working width
  • 40L tanks allow to clean up to 2120 m2/h
  • Standard on board charger
  • Up to 3.30 hours of cleaning with standard 105 Ah GEL batteries
  • Battery level indicator directly on the control panel
  • 34 kg down pressure for heavy-duty tasks
  • Front filling port to fill solution tank in a fast way
  • Big bumper on the deck to clean along the wall
  • Brush and squeegee blades easy to install and remove without any tools
  • Removable cover tank makes it easy to clean inside the machine
  • Low noise-level allows daytime cleaning and noise sensitive area cleaning