01 NOVEMBER 2013

Nilfisk-CFM Technology Used In Large Oil & Gas Project

The Nilfisk-CFM industrial vacuum model 3997 WC ATEX Z22 Special, equipped with remote start & stop function, choke valve and PTFE filtering cartridges, will be part of the equipment on a new pipe laying ship that will operate in a new oil & gas project in the Caspian Sea oil field Kashagan.

The ship "Casterone" is owned by Saipem, a large international turnkey contractor in the oil & gas industry, which has made the deal with Nilfisk-CFM.

The Nilfisk-CFM vacuums will remove part of the explosive and hazardous epoxy powder coating the pipes that the "Casterone" will lay down in the Caspian Sea.


The Saipem company operates in oil fields in the Caspian Sea and the new ship will be equipped with Nilfisk-CFM industrial vacuums. Nilfisk-CFM vacuums will be fitted with a special suction pipe which will not interfere with the induction heating process which heats the welded pipes up to a temperature of 400° Celsius.

Saipem are already among Nilfisk-CFM top customers and this new order further consolidates the partnership with one of the world leading companies in the oil & gas sector.

Thanks to the Nilfisk-CFM expertise, we succeeded in being Saipem's preferred choice.