14 JULY 2013

FLOORTEC R 870 - NEW Heavy Duty Sweeper Increase productivity with dust free sweeping


FLOORTEC R 870 is a versatile, heavy duty sweeper for both outdoor and indoor applications and is available in battery, LPG or petrol versions.
It is suitable for a range of sweeping tasks from both light to very dusty environments with debris up to 60 mm,  within industry and manufacturing, large petrol stations, car dealerships, agriculture machine pools and building and construction.


The FLOORTEC R 870 combines performance with price, ergonomics and lowers the total cost of ownership. Outstanding sweeping performance and dust control is achieved with one touch sweeping. Brooms and dust control start and stop automatically when the machine is driven, which saves power, broom wear and makes operation easier.​


Additional features:
  • Cleaner environment with dust free cleaning.
  • One touch sweeping saves power and broom wear.
  • Retractable hopper with high hydraulic dump can be closed from operator compartment.
  • Low noise level makes it pleasant to be around and work with.
  • Optional misting system for dust control on side brooms.
  • All systems controlled by motion pedal makes it easy to operate.
  • Easy access to all components for fast and easy maintenance and service.
  • All maintenance can easy be done without the use of any tool.
  • Inclined operator foot panel for good ergonomics.
  • Two step operator foot panel for easy jump of and off.
  • One-touch sweeping control. Less need for operator training; protects the floor from wrong use; and saves wear and energy.