09 DECEMBER 2013

Britain’s Oldest Brewer Cleans up with Nilfisk-CFM

The Shepherd Neame brewery, founded in 1698 in Faversham Kent, has become one of the oldest buildings in the UK to be fitted with a bespoke centralised vacuum system.

The 300 year old building is home to some of the worlds iconic beers including ‘Spitfire’ and ‘Bishops Finger’. Shepherd Neame produce more than 70 million pints of beer every year exported to more than 20 countries worldwide.

When Nilfisk-CFM was asked to survey the site his challenge was clear – how to clean a 300 year old building which has many different floor levels, narrow staircases and very low ceilings?

Spilt malt husks and malt dust presented a problem throughout the production area and silo floor. Site personnel had been using mobile vacuums but they had fallen into disrepair and in desperation staff had resorted back to using the old fashioned broom.

A new fleet of mobile vacuums was considered but the practicalities of moving them around discounted this solution. It was clear that the system provided had to be low maintenance, simple to use and quiet. The solution came in the form of a small, bespoke centralised vacuum system that was designed to fit under existing pipe work. The configuration meant that vacuum outlets could be placed where the client needed them most.

The ATEX approved system, rated for Zone 22, has a pipe run of 55 metres and incorporates 6 vacuum outlets. An air driven cartridge filter system auto cleans, whilst a built in level sensor on the stainless steel bin provides for auto stop.

Chief Engineer for Shepherd Neame, Jeff Williams commented on the installation; ‘The new system is user friendly and highly effective compared to our previous cleaning methods. Nilfisk-CFM were very professional from survey through to final commissioning and satisfied our requirement at a reasonable cost.’