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Sweeps Sønderborg clean and now also with winter attachments

The municipality of Sønderborg has for 1½ year operated 1000 hours with their Nilfisk Outdoor City Ranger 3500 mainly with the suction sweeping unit. Now, it will also be equipped with winter attachments as snow plough and roller spreader.

The municipality of Sønderborg sweeps Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday both their own places and pedestrian streets and the landowners´ pavements in the mid-town to keep the historic mid-town in good condition after the lively evening and night life.

The last one and a half year this has happened with the first Danish sold Nilfisk Outdoor City Ranger 3500 and the only problem is that the drivers a few times have cleaned up paving stones until they got used to the increased suction power. Besides the mid-town the machine is also used at car parks and occasionally in other mid-towns of Sønderborg. Besides the suction sweeping unit the municipality also has a snow sweeper for the machine which is used for cleaning paths.

- When we bought the City Ranger at Hans Holm Maskinforretning A/S, it was in fact the only machine that met our demands and through co-operation with Nilfisk Outdoor, we got additional wishes fulfilled, among other things a permanently fitted wander hose, says Erik Erbs, head of the public roads and parks in Sønderborg.

Ronnie Ivers from the garage of the public roads and parks tells that they had not any concerns being the first Danish buyer of a new machine.

- We have good relations to among other things the municipal authorities of Kiel where they have eight similar machines and they recommended it and this was essential to us.


At a time, we considered buying a specialized suction machine, but we chose the utility machine which can be used for several purposes, and we do not feel that we have come to a compromise, says Ronnie Ivers and the operator Jan Jeppesen adds that the City Ranger has the same abilities as a specialized machine.​

The suction mouth is adjusted
- It has a great suction power and it does not loose its suction power when the hopper is full. At the same time, it has a big maneuverability and a small turning radius. It is also important that it is not that high. We can operate under awnings and recently, we got a new basement garage in the town where we also can enter, says Jan Jeppesen.

- It has a really good operator comfort. It is almost as driving a car - also when driving along the highway. It is very stable and the noise level is low. Even though the suction sweeping unit is running, I can easily hear the radio or talk on the phone. In fact, I do not use the air condition. I just open the windows when it is hot and it does not increase the noise level that much, he says. The suction mouth can open and close; thereby big material can get through while the suction power is increased when the opening to the suction mouth is reduced.

- I can follow the sweeping on a camera and use this function quite a lot. If e.g. there are lots of paper and pizza trays, I operate with a big opening and then I sweep once more where the opening is smaller in order to suck up cigarette stubs and other small things, says Jan Jeppesen.​


High utilization and a good economy
When the municipality of Sønderborg bought the new machine, it replaced a worn-out utility machine with suction sweeping unit and a minor Egholm machine. - Earlier we spend approximately four hours sweeping the mid-town. With the City Ranger we spend approximately two and a half hour dependent on the quantity of the garbage and how the weather is. We can operate significantly faster, tells Erik Erbs.

- For the coming winter season we will buy a snow plough and a roller spreader. We are doing that in stead of replacing a 6½ tons lorry which we have used for lighter snow clearing and salting on paths. The utility machine has much more flexibility and the roller spreader has a volume to carry 1.1 ton salt. This means that we can get far about and do not need to re-load more often than with the lorry. If we should experience really heavy snowy weather, we still have a tractor in reserve for clearance.

- A special machine for sweeping assignments would not be working during the winter and we know that there are expenses connected to a machine not operating. At the same time we get more hours on the utility machine. We had estimated with 750 operation hours yearly for five years, but now it will be more hours and it provides a better economy, says Erik Erbs.

Ronnie Ivers does also notice the fuel economy and the environmental considerations. The diesel consumption is not measured directly, but the estimate is 5-6 litres per hour at full operation. - It is a really good fuel economy. At the same time, the machine is most reliable in service. It has the German environmental approval for driving in German environmental zones, meaning it contaminates minimal. At the same time it recycles water for dust control. It provides an environmental advance and less refuelling, says Ronnie Ivers.​

The municipality of Sønderborg
• 76.094 citizens
• The 13th biggest municipality in Denmark
• Merged by seven municipalities in 2007
• Public roads & parks employ 110 employees
• Machinery parks in Sønderborg, Broager and Havnbjerg at Nordborg
• Garage in Sønderborg

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