High performance and reliability

Your customers set high standards for green care, and they have specific time frames when they want the work done. As a landscape contractor, you need reliable machines with very little downtime. 

The Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers are dependable machines with high uptime. Quality attachments ensure a perfect green care platform. It’s easy to change attachments, making it simple to move from one task to the next. 

The City Ranger 2250 and Park Ranger 2150 are compact and maneuverable machines.  They can easily get around trees and under bushes as well as into narrow spaces, making them a solid partner for a green care contractor.  




Snow removal

If you’re a landscape contractor, the Nilfisk Outdoor utility machine allows you to expand your outdoor activities to the winter season by investing in attachments. 

Nilfisk Rangers have been designed with a full range of dedicated winter attachments. They offer you the opportunity to use the same machine you use for green care during the summer season and for snow removal and other winter jobs. The ability to expand your activities makes Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers a solid investment.​