​Clean and welcoming stores

With heavy footfall from customers many hours a day, your store may require continuous daytime cleaning. Clean facilities create the best impression and improve customer experience.

Nilfisk can help you maintain the cleanliness of your busy store with specific professional cleaning solutions for each area –  everything from special approaches to different floor types to products designed for outdoors. 



Cleaner shop floors

Innovative technology and ease of use make our lines of automatic scrubbers and burnishers effective and efficient. Our machines use fewer chemicals and detergents, improving indoor air quality and safety for customers and staff.

Nilfisk’s products are designed to clean as quietly as possible in order to provide a pleasant customer experience. We can provide a floor care solution that assures the high standard of hygiene and disinfection you require.

Cleaner convenience stores

In convenience stores where you can buy groceries, snack foods and beverages it is important to maintain high hygiene standards.

Nilfisk’s cleaning machines deliver superior performance without sacrificing productivity – leaving the convenience stores clean, safe and ready to use.



Cleaner outdoor facilities

As the seasons change, areas outside the stores must be kept clean in order to ensure a good first impression and protect your infrastructure.

Nilfisk provides a full range of efficient utility machines for outdoor cleaning and maintenance. We offer versatile solutions for sweeping, snow removal, and outdoor washing.