Residential areas

With a Nilfisk Outdoor Ranger, it’s easy to make sure public areas, lawns, pathways, even basement light wells always look neat and trim.

Outdoor areas create the public image of your residential community

For both people who live there and people who don’t, outdoor surroundings create a lasting impression of your residential area. Visitors and potential residents get a good feeling from well-kept and tidy grounds. And for current residents, neat and clean outdoor areas increase the feeling of safety and improve quality of life.



Clean surroundings give residents a feeling of safety and serenity

We all know how it feels to be in a place that seems neglected. By contrast, clean grounds create a feeling of safety and serenity in any residential area. Everyone’s happier in an environment with well-trimmed lawns, nicely-cut hedges, and pathways free from dirt and debris. Weather matters too: in autumn, it’s important to have leaves picked up quickly, and in winter, fast snow and ice removal means residents can get where they’re going safely. With Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers you get a real partner – one that can keep your grounds safe and attractive all year round. 

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How can you effectively clean outdoor areas?

Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers are multi-function utility machines so powerful that all you need is one machine for every purpose, all year round. With a quick shift of attachments, the Outdoor Ranger is ready for any assignment in only a few minutes.

Our Outdoor Rangers offer high maneuverability due to articulated steering. And options like wander hoses for the suction sweeper ensure that the Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers can access almost any nook or cranny. Even the narrowest pathways are trim and neat with the Nilfisk Outdoor Ranger. ​

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Advantages for residential areas


  • Highly-maneuverable articulated machines
  • Compact size for narrow spaces 
  • All-season machines 
  • High performance capacity no matter what the task 
  • A complete range of tailor-made quality attachments
  • Designed for easy daily maintenance
  • User-friendly and reliable machines 
  • Flexibility after investment – a new attachment can always be added later if your needs change



Video City Ranger 2250 suction sweeper

Eco-friendly weed control

The weed brush is the perfect, most-effective eco-friendly tool for keeping outdoor areas weed free, i.e. pavements, paths, flagstones, asphalt, etc.

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Video City Ranger 2250 green care

Video City Ranger 2250 snow removal
Residential areas
Boligselskabet Nordjylland, Øster-Vrå
Boligselskabet Vendersbo, Nykøbing-Falster
Borgerbo Værløse, Afd. Skovgårds Allé 1-23, Nellikevænget 1-18, Bymidten 120-134, Værløse
Præstø Boligselskab, Præstø
Sektor Eiendom - Handelsbyen Herkules, Skien
Halba AG (Coop), CH-8340 Hinwil
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