The packaging of medicines is divided into two main categories:  the external package and the internal blister packing for individual pills or dosages. 

Nilfisk offers complete solutions for the packaging department, in particular industrial vacuum cleaners for the suction of cuttings and sweepers for the removal of debris from the floor.​



Collecting and fast disposal of packaging trims product process support



Benefits & Advantages

  • No downtime for machinery
  • Packing machines always in perfect condition
  • Easy and fast disposal
  • Rooms and warehouses always clean

Collecting packaging trims

Using a Nilfisk industrial vacuum from the “R” series designed for packaging applications eliminates interruptions to clean the cutting machine. The Nilfisk vaccum collects the waste continuously while the machine is running.

See the video to learn more about the ”R” series.


Production sites and warehouses always clean

Packaging areas are full of the trims produced by packaging machineries, and these paper or plastic trims often produce dust during the cutting process. 

The dust often falls on the floor or flies into the environment, putting the health and safety of operators at risk.

A Nilfisk sweeper equipped with suction can help maintain clean, dust-free production environments including warehouses.