Keep your camping site neat, even in rough or hilly areas

Many camping sites cover hundreds of square meters of grass, and campers expect every part of it to look good. With the maneuverable Nilfisk Park Ranger, you can optimize your grass cutting. The Park Ranger turns on a plate, cuts grass in no time, and even works on hilly terrain. For rough grass areas, you’ll be impressed by the performance of the flail mower. And the Park Ranger’s hedge trimmer spares your gardeners’ shoulders and cuts hedges effectively. All you need is one utility machine for all these attachments.

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With the Nilfisk Ranger, you have the flexibility to react​


If heavy rain has damaged the sand and gravel pathways of your camping site, it takes only a few minutes to shift to a tipping shovel - and now your Park Ranger is ready for levelling the paths. Does a guest need assistance placing his big caravan? Offer the service to tow it in place with your Nilfisk Park Ranger. Want your camping site to be eco-friendly?  Remove weeds on gravel paths without the use of pesticides, using attachments to your Park Ranger. The Nilfisk Park Ranger gives you the flexibility to react.