​Sand recovery and furnace cleaning

Sand recovery

Glass is produced from a silica-based raw material (quartz sand). This is a very dusty material, and its preparation and use in manufacturing produces a large quantity of waste sand.

This waste material can be recovered and recycled into the production process using Nilfisk high-power vacuums.





Sand recovery from the floor

Keep your working environment clean and dust-free with a Nilfisk sweeper, and increase your recovery of sand.

Sand recovery immediately improves environmental quality and security.

Nilfisk sweepers are ideal for work in congested and tight-space areas. The Nilfisk dust-free sweeping system is ideal for indoor use as well as outdoor applications such as warehouses.

Furnace cleaning

In the glass production process, a mixture of sand is cooked at more than 1000 degrees Celsius.

This process is done in a special oven. Because of the dusty raw material, ashes and dust are deposited on top of the oven. This layer acts like an insulation and disrupts the cooling of the oven.

Improper cooling leads to low efficiency and higher fuel consumption, and the floating dust is a health hazard for the operators. The dust can also contaminate the final products (bottles or flat glasses).