In the production of dairy products, proper cleaning and sanitising of the environment and equipment before and after the preparation of the food is good practice. The goal of a proper washing is not the inactivation of the bacteria from the surface of an object, but elimination of waste, dirt or mold from processing. Nilfisk high pressure washers can slow down or eliminate the proliferation of microorganisms and pests that may compromise hygiene and the quality of products.

Benefits & Advantages

• Fast hygiene and sanitising
• Conforms to regulations
• Saves time

Cleaning equipments and environments

Dirt, as part of a dairy farm, can be of two types: organic and inorganic. The first is made up of grease, proteins and sugars. The second is the limestone and the stone of milk. Both need to be removed by cleaning machines that can guarantee an effective result also in the daily cleaning. Nilfisk high pressure washers deep clean the equipment, conveyors and tanks quickly and efficiently. Nilfisk offers mobile high pressure washers or stationary pressure washers. The mobile pressure washers are ideal for daily cleaning in small areas: they are light, powerful and reliable. For larger environments, the stationary Nilfisk solution has become a standard in the dairy sector. It offers great added value for cleaning activity in larger environments, even in the most severe conditions.