Clever cleaning

Clean and dust free environments help to create pleasant learning conditions that can improve student productivity.

Nilfisk’s products improve the cleanliness of all types of educational facilities including classrooms, workshops, libraries and auditoriums; kitchen and canteens; indoor sports facilities; outdoor sports fields and paved areas.





Cleaner classrooms, workshops, libraries and auditoriums

With heavy footfall from students many hours a day, continuous daytime cleaning may be essential. Innovative technology and ease of use make our lines of automatic scrubbers, burnishers, vacuums and carpet extractors quieter, more effective and more efficient. 

Floors are cleaner and safer, and fewer chemicals and detergents are used, improving indoor air quality and safety for students and staff. Nilfisk’s products are designed to clean in confined areas, under furniture and as quietly as possible to minimise disruption.

In woodworking and metalworking workshops, students can be exposed to potentially harmful dusts. Nilfisk is a specialist in this field and can offer expert advice and a range of industrial vacuum solutions to meet health and safety obligations.

Cleaner kitchens and canteens

When preparing food for many students and staff members every day, it is important to maintain excellent hygiene standards in kitchens and canteens.

Nilfisk’s range of scrubber dryers includes models that can offer both forward and backward scrubbing and drying, and the ability to clean in narrow areas hygienically and more productively than manual methods. Nilfisk wet and dry vacuums can be used in wet and dry applications without the need to change filters. 

Nilfisk’s cleaning machines deliver superior performance without sacrificing productivity – leaving kitchen floors clean, dry, safe and ready to use.





Cleaner indoor sports facilities

Different size areas and different floor types require a variety of cleaning solutions. 

Nilfisk Ecoflex chemical dosing system ensures that every floor  - from light traffic areas to heavily soiled traffic zones -  are cleaned in the most environmentally gentle and lowest-cost way. 

Walk behind or ride on a scrubber dryer – the choice is yours!

Cleaner outdoor sports fields and paved areas

Outdoor areas require ongoing maintenance throughout the seasons. 

Nilfisk provides sweepers that can be used to maintain pathways, pavements, yards and car parks. 

Our range of outdoor utility vehicles are suitable for multiple maintenance applications, including mowing of sports fields, snow clearance and gritting, plus sweeping applications – all possible with the quick change of a machine attachment.