We know your hotel customers compete for every guest and that first impressions are vital. 

A first impression of cleanliness and sanitation helps improve your hotel customers’ reputation and business.  

Nilfisk has the cleaning machines to keep even heavily-trafficked areas look great.






Your customers depend on the very best cleaning equipment and services to keep learning environments clean and comfortable for students, staff, and visitors. 

Nilfisk has low-noise, environmentally-responsible machines that keep lecture halls, hallways and other facilities in top shape.

Public Facilities

Keeping your customers’ facilities clean, attractive and professional-looking presents unique challenges. 

Nilfisk’s broad range of cleaning machines can conquer almost any cleaning task – indoor and outdoor.





Office buildings

A clean office makes for a safer and healthier working environment. 

With our focus on performance, productivity and reliability, Nilfisk will help you deliver the essential services your customers demand.


Kitchen and restaurant hygiene is a top priority for your customers. 

As your cleaning partner, Nilfisk will help your catering customers maintain their reputation for impeccable hygiene standards.





Retail and shopping centers

Clean and safe facilities help create a great shopping experience so that customers visit again and again. 

Nilfisk will help you ensure your customers’ shopping premises are always hygienic and tidy.


Maintaining clean and safe healthcare facilities is vital. 

Nilfisk cleaning machines deliver superior performance without sacrificing productivity and leaves floors clean, dry, and safe. 





Metro and bus terminals

With their heavy foot traffic, metro and bus terminals require regular cleaning. 

Nilfisk cleaning machines help you maintain health and safety and deliver a good customer experience.

Warehouses and logistics

Cleaning of a busy and productive warehouse or logistics center requires great focus on efficiency, reliability and safety. 

With Nilfisk’s broad product portfolio, we can help you meet your customers’ expectations.