Cleaning and maintenance of the equipment
Third firing cleaning

When it comes to third firing cleaning, Nilfisk vacuum cleaners provides an easy and fast solution for the removal of dust particles that could damage products and equipment. Our cleaners help ensure the highest product quality by extracting and conveying excess grit and glaze from the tiles.
Production Line cleaning

Constant vacuuming on and around the the production line ensures product integrity, reduces maintenance costs and assures operator safety. Nilfisk industrial vacuums provide very high efficiency filters. Together with HEPA absolute filters, they ensure a solid barrier against very fine and dangerous dust.

General cleaning of the production plant

Cleaning of production areas

Nilfisk vacuum cleaners and centralised vacuum systems guarantee maximum efficiency for the continuous collection of large quantities of dust.  The ceramic industry selects centralised vacuum systems for their versatility. Several operators can vacuum at the same time, even in restricted areas.
Sweeping the floor

Nilfisk has a model for every conceivable sweeping job – from compact walk-behinds to large, heavy duty ride-on models that sweep up to 16,000 m² per hour. 

For indoor use, Nilfisk offers models that are battery-powered or LPG driven and for demanding outdoor tasks, w​e have models that are petrol or diesel driven. Some come with versatile dual power supplies that allow them to be used almost anywhere.

Conveyance of material

Conveyance of pigments, glazes and colours

When it comes to ceramic tiles, pneumatic conveyors are widely used in the production process throughout the production phase for:
- Supplying granulators and dry glazing machines
- Conveying glazes, micronized materials, pigments and colours in the press
  department when “technical porcelain” is produced.​