City Ranger 2250 - Suction Sweeping​

The suction sweeper is one of the primary and most indispensable attachments designed for the City Ranger 2250. The utility machine becomes a proven all-year-round solution due to the capability of this attachment.


​City Ranger 2250 - Weed control

The weed brush is the perfect, most-effective eco-friendly tool for keeping outdoor areas weedfree, i.e. pavements, paths, flagstones, asphalt, etc. There isn't a weed anywhere that can resist the rotating brush as it sweeps over them.​


City ranger 2250 - green

With the City Ranger 2250 as your platform for green operation, you will gain access to truly dedicated attachments optimizing productivity costs and results.


City Ranger 2250 - snow​

The City Ranger 2250 is a perfect choise as a mid-range snow removal machine for versatile assignments. The winter challenges are no match for the powerful 35 HP, 4 cylinder engine with efficient 4 wheel drive.​


City Ranger 3500 - Street cleaning

The City Ranger 3500 creates perfect sweeping results. The town center, sidewalks, streets and paths are sparkling clean when the Ranger has performed its task.​


City Ranger 2250 - Leaf suction hose, grass collector

Leaf collection with City Ranger 2250 equipped with grass collector and leaf collection hose​.