MH series high pressure washers

Hot water cleaning is fast! – But how fast?

The Nilfisk MH series hot, high pressure washers have been designed with the co-operation of our customers in the automotive industry and deliver best-in-class power, efficiency and usability to help deal with tough cleaning for commercial vehicles, forecourts and workshops. The Nilfisk MH series of hot water pressure washers means less time cleaning and more time to focus on your customers.

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Cleaning with hot water means that you can battle even the toughest dirt types fast and efficient – saving you valuable time. With up to 210 bars of pressure at 90° and the best-in-class usability that the Nilfisk MH series gives you, you’ll make light work of even the toughest jobs.​

MH auto 




Cost effective…

Faster cleaning is now even more cost effective. Nilfisk’s EcoPower™ boiler has a market leading EUnited certified efficiency and with the addition of the new EcoMode setting which cleans at 60°C. Tests show there is not a significant improvement in cleaning performance when cleaning at 60°C compared to 90°C​ but you can make significant fuel savings.

…and easy to use

The Nilfisk MH series has been developed in co-operation with real users and features a range of accessories and features that give it optimal usability and with improved access to parts and gauges, even maintenance is effortless.


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