Warehouse & Logistics Cleaning Solutions

Frequent deliveries, forklifts and foot traffic all contribute to dusty, dirty conditions in warehouses. These conditions are unsafe for your staff as well as potentially damaging to stored commodities.

The Nilfisk Clean F​leet​ will help you meet every cleaning challenge and achieve a deeper clean. Our industrial sweepers, scrubber dryers, industrial vacuum cleaners and pressure washers are designed for ​the fast, effective cleaning of warehouses and distribution centres of all sizes.  

Get a clean and safe environment and save time, labour and costs with Nilfisk solutions.​Boost your safety, productivity, and quality by keeping your warehouse clean

A clean warehouse promotes higher productivity and operational efficiency, while a dirty one can create safety hazards and delays.

Main benefits of a clean warehouse:

  • Keeping workers safe and healthy. Many workplace injuries (and workers’ compensation claims) are due to slip-and-fall accidents caused by slippery, unclean floors. Dust can also be inhaled, leading to allergies and lung disease. Clean floors minimise these risks.
  • Making a good impression on visitors and employees. Most warehouses are more than just storage areas; they’re places where suppliers and customers interact. If customers visit your facility, a clean warehouse will go a long way towards making a positive impression. In addition to that, cleanliness increases employee productivity and helps promote a positive work experience.
  • Ensuring product quality. In some facilities, such as food manufacturing warehouses or electronics distribution centres, dust and grime can impact product quality. Regular cleaning helps you ensure the quality of the parts, equipment, merchandise, and products you’re storing and transporting.​


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How to Solve Your Top Challenges to Achieve a Deeper Clean




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Equipment, service and support with the flexibility you need

Keeping your facility clean doesn’t require huge capital expenditure. Nilfisk’s flexible financing options provide equipment, service and support at one low fixed monthly cost.​ 

Flexible Finance Solutions

Nilfisk offers financial flexibility that enables you to select the ideal financing solution for your specific situation: machine purchase, financial leasing, long-term rental and short-term rental are all options. Most forklift truck suppliers will also be able to source and supply you with Nilfisk cleaning machines.

Nationwide Service

When purchasing a cleaning machine the service and maintenance offering from the manufacturer should be a key influence in the decision-making process.

Nilfisk Service Solutions not only provide fast and reliable back-up in the event of a breakdown. They also provide the reassurance of scheduled maintenance visits from our trained technicians. You can rest assured that your machines will run at their optimum throughout their lifetime - and keep your business performing at its best. We understand that productivity is what matters to you. 

We realise that one size does not fit all. When you sign a service contract with Nilfisk you have the opportunity to select between a range of different service solutions developed to match your specific needs. We are ready to assist you in choosing the professional service contract that best suits your operations.

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