Why do I need service?


Make maintenance important!

Think of your machine as a small car. Just like a car needs servicing, so do our machines.

Maintenance is important because:


  • ​It prolongs the life expectancy of your machine
  • It ensures that your machine always performs at its best
  • It allows us to rectify small defects before they become costly repairs
  • We ensure that your machine complies with government regulations
  • A full service history enhances the value of the machine at re-sale
  • Lack of maintenance may invalidate the warranty

Research has shown us that the number one reason for machine failure is due to poor maintenance, which can be easily avoided and save £1000's in the long term. 
You may be someone who takes great care of their machine, ensuring that the squeegees are properly cleaned and hung, the brush is free from any wrapping and that the battery is properly charged to extend its life. However, feedback from our service experts say that many people would benefit from some advice on how to extend their machines life and maximise its long-term performance in between service visits. So below are some key points to consider:​


Squeegee blades

These blades are a crucial component in ensuring that all waste water is picked up. If the blade is damaged this will leak water on the floor behind the machine, causing for a potential hazard. Once the blade has been worn down you can flip it over to extend its life.






Sweeper Brush

Be mindful of what else may be laying around, parcel wrap can be a sweeper brush's worst nightmare if caught up into the rotating mechanism. As it rotates, the friction caused between the parcel wrap and the bearings causes the wrap to melt, once it then cools the wrap hardens, causing considerable damage to the bearings dislodging them out of place.​



There is a common misconception with how to maintain the longevity of a batteries charge, many believe that the lifetime of a battery is dependent on how many hours it's run, which in a way is correct, but, the critical factor the be aware of is, that the battery only has a certain amount of times which it can be charged up to run back down. Whether that be to half way or fully charged. So, to maintain it's longevity its best practice to give the machine a full charge and run it fully down before recharging it again.This may interfere with your current cleaning schedule but, if you can work around it you will see the benefits long-term.


 ​​​​Keeping a firm handle on maintenance will ensure that you get the very best out of your Nilfisk cleaning machine. Although, life is never as predictable as swapping round a squeegee blade and can present more complex issues, and in these cases, we are here to help. With our service contracts you will be covered for machine breakdowns, including any spare parts that will be fitted on site. We offer a range of service tiers in order to cater for the individual as, we want to be flexible for your specific needs. And if you don't think that you would benefit from a service contract we can also can service on an ad hoc basis if this suits your organisations needs best.​


Financial security & flexibility


  • ​With a service contract you know your machine related expenses beforehand
  • The more advanced your contract, the more predictable your cost
  • Our service contracts are supported by flexible payment options​