About Nilfisk Service

Professional Service makes a difference!

Nilfisk is a global company with local presence in 45 countries. Our heritage is Danish and dates back to 1906 when P.A. Fisker first founded the company. Our quality standards and professional service have been nurtured and refined ever since. We have well over 5000 employees, of which about 750 are field technicians. Our technicians are passionate about ensuring that your machines run as effectively as they can, for as long as they can.

Quality service

  • ​Nilfisk has manufactured quality cleaning equipment and delivered professional service since 1906
  • Over 80+ fully trained engineers in the UK we have the largest team in the cleaning equipment industry. 
  • Nilfisk Service Solutions technicians are continuously trained and devoted to maintaining and repairing machines, whilst always being ready to help you
  • Our technicians only use original equipment manufacturer spare parts, fixing problems quickly and durably for maximised uptime
  • Offering same-day response with full UK coverage and a bespoke service package.
  • All our engineers are satellite monitored for effective deployment across the entirety of the UK.
  • And with our ServiceMax paperless software system there will be no lost loose papers when you need them. ​

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