Leasing Solutions

Stay in control of cleaning operations and budget
​Stay in control of cleaning operations and budget, making full use of cleaning assets without the financial commitment of outright ownership, spreading the “Total Cost Of Ownership” to benefit from a more immediate ‘Return on Investment’. With no capital outlay this preserves business cash flow and allows accurate budgeting with minimal risk.​​

Make capital expenditure on cleaning a thing of the past​

In consultation with your Nilfisk Account Manager together you can determine the term of your agreement based on your individual business requirements. Easy to arrange, on acceptance we will advise you of your fixed monthly payment which includes fully inclusive maintenance and breakdown cover. Nilfisk can provide a range of flexible payment options to overcome potential budget constraints.​


Designed to support your business growth​

One fixed monthly payment over the term of the agreement gives total peace of mind as assets are fully maintained throughout the contract term with no surprises. At the end of the agreement return your existing machine to us and upgrade to a new cleaning machine to meet your current business requirements for another term.​

Why Nilfisk Leasing Solutions?​

• Affordable fixed monthly payments including full maintenance and service cover means no unexpected costs*

• The perfect solution to capital expenditure restrictions

• Residual risk on the asset is removed as guaranteed future value is agreed at start of agreement

• Guaranteed new replacement machine plan - you will never need to use older machines - keep the floor clean, keep the operators safe and keep upto date with new cleaning technologies

• A new machine every three, four or five years without the need to re-credit check - the choice is yours​

At Nilfisk we work with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, one of the leading providers of asset finance in Europe. In the UK, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions has over 40 years’ experience providing tax-efficient fi nancing solutions for thousands of businesses across multiple sectors. Whether working with small and medium-sized enterprises, multinational companies or public sector organisations, we ​share a common approach with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions: to create solutions that are ​tailored to help each customer meet their objectives.​


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