Total Care for contract cleaners

Introducing the Total Care Program

We are pleased to offer you optimisation in every aspect of your business

From making the initial bid, to balancing financial details and running daily operations with minimal downtime. We believe that assisting you with machine related challenges will save you time and money while contributing to the overall health of your business. Nilfisk will help you improve your efficiency and cut costs.
The Total Care Program contains four elements which are designed to address a specific challenge that you face as a contract cleaner and deliver results as smoothly and cost-efficiently as possible. We know that your goal is to satisfy your customers, so our goal is to help you exceed expectations while saving money.



Cleaning excellence

Your benefits: 

  • Accurate and comprehensive site review 
  • Simplified cleaning site assessment 
  • Specification of the most cost-efficient machine and lowest ‘Total Cost of Cleaning’ 
  • Designed to significantly reduce your machine related expenses while improving results 
  • Analysis and detailed insights for informed decision making

Financial flexibility

Your benefits:

  • Enjoy peace of mind with options that reduce the financial risk of lost contracts 
  • Benefit from a great degree of flexibility in   designing your optimal set-up 
  • Select from rental options that eliminate worry about the terminal value and disposal of machines





Fleet management

Your benefits:

  • Operator guidelines and maintenance videos accessible via QR-codes 
  • TrackClean™ allows you to monitor your entire fleet with a click 
  • Simple overview of all your service contracts 
  • Complete breakdown of the whereabouts and total cost of ownership for all machines

Service level assurance

Your benefits:

  • Saves you money by minimising downtime resulting from slow delivery or breakdowns 
  • Simplifies operations by providing detailed     overviews keeping you informed 
  • Pre-delivery inspected machines get you up and running instantly 
  • Eliminates worry by providing loan machines and round-the-clock assistance 
  • Fast, flexible and dependable delivery reduces preparation time while improving response times to your customer needs.