Total Care Program

The contract cleaner range provides you with better, faster and more customised service. Locally based with an emphasis on reliability and availability.

Total care at every stage of the process

Our experiences working with contract cleaners across the world have given us invaluable know-how about the cleaning business. We have listened to feedback from our customers and worked with them to develop a unique set of offerings, which we call the Total Care Program. The program was created to help you as a contract cleaner to overcome the specific challenges you may face and optimise every aspect of your business



Enhanced site review

  • Ensures all relevant details about the cleaning site are recorded
  • Allows you to determine the most efficient solution for the job
  • Helps pinpoint potential cost savings

Select optimal solution

  • Ensures selection of the most cost-efficient machine
  • Guarantees you the lowest ‘Total Cost of Cleaning’
  • Improves performance by determining your optimal set-up​​





Flexible financing

  • Benefit from fle​xible financing options that fit your business needs​

Day-to-day operations

  • Special machine range with best-in-class service level
  • Comprehensive organisational set-up designed to service your specific business requirements
  • Fleet management solution helps make your planning more efficient​​