How Ecoflex works

Whatever the job demands, Nilfisk Ecoflex makes getting it done easier. Just push the button for an excellent, green clean. Push the button again to handle dirty patches in one, efficient boost. You can call it one touch magic, we call it Ecoflex.​

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​​​​​​​​​​Water only

Perfect for removing surface dirt and maintaining the clean looks of floors. Water only mode eliminates the impact of detergents on the environment and lowers cleaning costs. It’s the greenest, most economical way to clean.

Ultra-low detergent

Well suited for routine cleaning where a small amount of green-certified detergent will do the trick. Water and detergent are dispensed separately at the scrub deck, eliminating solution waste.

Standard detergent

The tough cleaning you expect. At the standard detergent dilution, brush pressure and flow rate. You’ll have a combination powerful enough to pull stubborn dirt from grout and porous surfaces. 


Burst of power

Green or not, sometimes an extra effort is required for deep, restorative cleaning or unexpected challenges. Ecoflex’s burst of power temporarily maximises brush pressure, water and detergent for a single powerful cleaning boost at the touch of a button.

If the job is done in less than 60 seconds, just push the button again and return to eco-cleaning mode.​


Ecoflex Brochure
Case: Green clean and cost control