Pneumatic conveyors

Pneumatic conveyors transfer grains, powders, tablets and empty capsules from containers to process machines. The range includes electric and compressed air powered pneumatic conveyors.
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Why choose Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors?

The new Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors increase immediately the automation of your production site. Ideal for transferring pharma, chemical and food powders, the advantages of having them in your production process, are immediately evident:

  • + 30 % vacuum compared to traditional systems thanks at the COAX®​ technology
  • - 5° temperature in the site 
  • - 30% energy consumption
  • - 50% noise level 
  • - 100% fire triggering sources (ATEX)

Improved environment health and product quality​.

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Automatising the transfer of powders allows to have a dust-free environment.The time spent for checking the production processes dramatically decreases.

Automatise the production process means having more time to invest in other activities. Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors are easy to install and are adapatable to all kind of production plant, from the traditional one to the most innovative.


Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors comply with several international certifications required to operate in food, pharma, chemical industries etc. Nilfisk assures hygiene and safety, even in hazardous atmospheres.

Video - Dosing with pneumatic conveyors

Within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, conveyors are used to move powders from containers and bins inside packaging and compressing machines and has many advantages: 

  • Move pre-mixed material preserving its integrity, keeping the percentages of the single components intact

  • Move empty capsules of different sizes, preserving their integrity and avoiding opening during conveyance

  • Avoid dust dispersion and product contamination. The conveyed material is kept in an isolated environment from the pickup to the release point




Conveyors are also largely used within

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