Dust containment systems

The safest way to collect highly potent compounds
What is the “containment”?

Containment is the area separation from product to personnel/ environmental area by a barrier, and it is needed to prevent any negative impacts. The containment is now becoming a standard in the pharmaceutical industry and the largest pharmaceutical companies are now converting facilities for handling HAPIs (Highly Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) products.

What is containment for Nilfisk?

In Nilfisk ”containment” means a ”safe vacuum unit”.

The Nilfisk vacuum units, equipped with BagIn BagOut filter system and cyclone pre-separation unit (FilterLess Technology), have to secure the highest level of protection to personnel working with the unit against the hazardous contaminants.

The Nilfisk vacuum units are used by the pharmaceutical producers to collect toxic ingredients from process machines during the production process. 

One more step ahead was recently done by Nilfisk introducing another level of filtration in the dust containment process: the Filterless Technology.​


Fi​​lterless technology, innovation in dust containment systems


The Filterless Technology uses a cyclone that is able to retain the dust before to enter inside ​the filter unit; the efficiency is higher than 96%.

The Filterless Technology together with the Hepa 14 filtration level of the filter units, represent one of the safer dust containment solutions in the vacuum technology.

In brief, Nilfisk dust containment solutions feature the best technologies to retain dust and powder:

  • Up to OEB5 level (see table here right)
  • Standard HEPA 14 filtration
  • Stainless steel AISI304 and 316L units
  • WIP version (Wash In Place)
  • Filterless technology​



Nilfisk DCU and CY series, the easiest to use dust containment filter systems OEB5 approved, together with the widest direct presence worldwide.

Being safety one of our primary concerns, we are today one of the major manufacturers of vacuum solutions for pharmaceutical industries, providing specific products.


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