Cleaning advice

Why use a sweeper? 

There are many good reasons for using a Nilfisk sweeper:

  • Improved image due to clean floors
  • Workers’ and customers’ health and safety
  • Extended floor life
  • Less contamination
  • Faster operations
  • Less inventory maintenance due to less dust​





The cleaning task 

Before choosing a sweeper, you should consider:

  • Type of flooring: concrete, tiles, linoleum, polyurethane, stone etc
  • Type of soiling: oil, grease, varnish, glue, food, spilled liquid, solid debris, dust etc.
  • Type of chemical: acid, alkaline, neutral, disinfection, polymer, wax etc.

You should also consider the size of the area to be cleaned, if the cleaning takes place indoor or outdoor, ergonomic advantages and cost efficiency factors.

If you would like a tailored suggestion from one of our cleaning experts, get in touch below. We will contact you shortly to offer free, no obligation and personalised advice for your current cleaning requirements.    ​