11 OCTOBER 2011

Who invented the Scrubber Dryer?

100 years ago may not seem that long ago but if you stop to think about how far products have come in that time it is pretty incredible.

Only 100 years ago hospital floors were patiently mopped, nothing more than a dollop of carbolic and lots of elbow grease. Imagine how incredulous medical staff of yesteryear would be to see the time saving, super clean innovations of today?

It was Clarke Floor Equipment (later acquired by Nilfisk-Advance) who invented the first battery powered walk behind scrubber dryer in 1956. Clarke followed this with the first ever carpet extractor in 1968.

Today’s modern Floor Cleaning Equipment however is a far cry from the basic bulky products of the early 20th century.

The Nilfisk Group celebrated their centenary in 2006 and host a superb museum at their Headquarters in Copenhagen, rich with historical facts and equipment. Nilfisk development teams of today are no less challenged than before, constantly charged with looking at the development of products from a users perspective. What problems and issues do day to day users have? What improvements could be made to provide real time benefits where it matters most – at the coal face. ​