10 DECEMBER 2014

VP600 for Efficient and Energy Saving Cleaning Performance

Saving energy for the environment, as well as for our users, has been a key focus whilst designing our new commercial vacuum cleaner, the VP600. Therefore low energy consumption and innovative new features have been paramount.

With the highly efficient energy saving fan unit, the sound level, at only 66 dB(A), is tough to beat. This will enable cost-effective daytime cleaning in noise sensitive areas without disturbing customers in your shop, guests in your hotel or working staff in the office. A power boost function ensures the extra cleaning muscle at 800w, can be added by the effortless push of a button.

Handling the Nilfisk VP600 is easy and time saving, due to a new modular construction offering two different choices:  detachable cord or cord-rewind to suit every user's need. The durable and easy to use cord-rewind sends you off to the next cleaning task within  seconds, saving you both time and energy.

  • 350/800 w fan unit with an A rated Energy Labelling
  • Power boost function for optimized power consumption and cleaning performance
  • HEPA exhaust filter as standard maximising air quality
  • Unique magnetic closing of dust compartment securing high reliability
  • Available with  detachable cord or cord rewind
  • Best in class sound quality


More information on the VP600 range here