11 JULY 2016

VHS110 ATEX, explosion-proof industrial vacuum

Discover the new VHS110 ATEX industrial vacuum cleaner.

The VHS110 ATEX is a high quality industrial vacuum suitable for use in ATEX Z22 (explosive atmosphere). The VHS110 ATEX is the right choice whenever you need a compact single phase industrial vacuum that can assure top safety standards.

With the new VHS110 series, Nilfisk have provided a vacuum cleaner that is small and light as the commercial ones, but ideal for industrial use. 

The ATEX version is equipped with a very powerful brushless motor protected by H13 filters, airflow and vacuum performances are among the highest in the category. Moreover it needs less maintenance and is suitable for continuous use.

With its 400 mm diameter, the VHS 110 is compact so can esily be used anywhere but it has a good capacity thanks to its 37 litre removable container. The VHS 110 features excellent filtration, excellent materials, excellent design, excellent safety standards, excellent quality/price ratio.

VHS110 ATEX: Excellent for safety



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