29 AUGUST 2014

New VHW 200 Series Industrial Vacuum Cleaners For Automated Applications



Nilfisk-CFM is launching the final variants in the new white line industrial vacuum cleaners The models are VHW200, 201, 210 and 211. 

These three-phase fixed industrial vacuums are the smallest of Nilfisk-CFM range and are suitable for integration into process machines for the extraction and recovery of small quantities of dust or trimmings. 

Ideal for applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food and laser sectors and for OEM (Machine manufacturers).

The main features of the range include:

  • Compact size, perfect where limited space is available and height could be a problem 
  • Compliance with GMP requirements
  • Extremely low noise level
  • Modular machines therefore easy to upgrade in the field
  • Excellent filtration with a main filter bag and HEPA H14 upstream absolute filter as standard. Also an optional HEPA 14/ULPA 15 downstream absolute filter can be fitted.

Read more about the different models, the technical specifications and their features: