22 AUGUST 2016

SW5500 - A new level of innovation, productivity and sustainability

Increase productivity and take your total cost of ownership to an all-time low

The SW55​00 offers a highly productive, comfortable and cost-effective way to sweep large floors and outdoor areas free of dust and debris. The sweeping width and hopper capacity of this sweeper enables you to speed up cleaning time. At the same time, the SW5500 provides more sustainability with the optional hybrid technology which reduces emissions and the noise level of the sweeper. 

Daily benefits such as creating a safer environment and lowering the total costs of ownership make this machine an attractive choice for contract cleaners, industrial sites and factories, warehouses, distribution centres, sports arenas, large retail stores or shopping centres & multi-storey car parks, etc.

What the SW5500 does best for you:

1. Increases productivity at your fingertips

2. Lowers the total cost of ownership

3. Creates a safer and cleaner environment


  1. Increases Productivity at your fingertips​

  • A new innovative brush adjustment system maintains exceptional sweeping performance and increased hopper filling throughout the life of the main broom
  • Easy to check if the main broom is correctly adjusted by simply pushing a button on the intuitive dashboard
  • Pushing one single button and using the drive pedal is all it takes to activate the sweeping functions of the machine. Simple and comfortable operations​

2. Lowers the total cost of ownership

  • All functions stop automatically when not driving to save energy, reduce broom ware and make operation easy
  • High quality components and assembly: High reliability means less service costs, less downtime and longer lifetime of the machine and its main components
  • Downtime is minimised, and daily operations are carried out easily thanks to the fast replacement of main components

3. Creates a safer and cleaner environment

  • Hybrid kit* allows flexible cleaning (can sweep indoor and outdoor with the same machine simply switching from engine to battery power), low emissions and low noise level for more productive cleaning​
  • The operator is kept safe and focused on cleaning as speed is automatically reduced on slopes and tight turns
  • For maximum safety a warning alarm is activated together with a reduced lifting speed of the hopper when operating the high dump system on a slope
  • The Nilfisk DustGuard/misting system* makes the environment safer for the operator and people around by spraying a fine water fog around the side brooms to reduce dust




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