21 AUGUST 2013

Nilfisk SC8000 Powerful And Green Scrubbing And Sweeping

​Nilfisk SC8000 offers a more productive, powerful, and greener solution for scrubbing and wet sweeping of large areas – carried out in the most resource-saving and cost-effective way.

SC8000 is suited for cleaning contractors, manufacturers, warehouses, parking garages, distribution centres, bus terminals, aircraft hangars, government & national accounts.

Wide scrubbing and sweeping in one operation

Productivity and efficiency is ensured as scrubbing and sweeping can be carried out in one single pass with the 122/152 cm wide counter rotating dual cylindrical scrub deck, which is the widest on the market in its class.

Operating the machine is simple and time-saving, as 380 solution tanks makes it possible to scrub up to 9.200 m2 on a single tank. Flexibility is another key benefit with Nilfisk SC8000 offering 3 brush pressure settings (55-180 kg), and 5 water flow settings (7-16 l/min). The high quality of cleaning is also ensured by the pro Dust Guard, and the vacuumed hopper holding 42 litres.

Kubota engine increases power and reliability

Power and reliability have been reached thanks to the superior Kubota WG1605 1.6L engine. Using a gear driven valve train, the new engine has no timing belts/chains to break or require periodic maintenance. This ensures a lower total cost of ownership. 

Green oriented cleaning with Ecoflex

The Nilfisk Ecoflex system offers multiple cleaning choices: Water only, ultra-low detergent concentration or full-strength detergent. This ensures a green oriented cleaning process, saving resources and keeping costs low.