15 OCTOBER 2012

NEW POSEIDON Pressure Washer Range

Nilfisk-ALTO is launching the new POSEIDON 5, 6 and 7 range of industrial cold water pressure washers.


The new POSEIDON pressure washer range has been designed to exceed the standards required by the most demanding of applications and is set to redefine the industrial cold water sector.

Andrew Caddick, Senior Group Product Manager for Nilfisk-ALTO explains the development process; ‘Our primary objective was to reduce the overall cost of cleaning, within this objective we studied all aspects of build quality, practicality, ergonomics, serviceability and handling. Less time spent setting up, training and handling means money saved, it was therefore important that the units were also optimised from a transport and storage perspective.

Above all else however our customers work in the most demanding of environments, often in excess of 8 hours a day. Industrial, heavy duty build quality will ensure the pressure washers long term performance within the toughest of applications.


The POSEIDON 5, 6 and 7 models feature a strong 30mm steel frame and a foldable handle which reduces storage and transport space. Large, wide rear wheels provide good ground clearance and manoeuvrability on uneven ground. There are two firm grip lance holders and hose reel or hose hook for storage of the high pressure hoses. A tough front bumper protects against knocks and bumps in the line of duty.

The POSEIDON 6 and 7 models are the real heavy duty options. The POSEIDON 6 FA incorporates the new industrial NA6 ceramic piston pump with the POSEIDON 7 FA utilising the well known C3 four, ceramic piston pump for the most intense of applications.


All models, excluding the 5-41 and 5-53, have been equipped with a twin detergent suction valve allowing the operator the ability to switch between detergents dependent on the application. Two very different tasks can then be completed without the need to return to base to change chemicals. Detergent levels are visible within the unit and both 2.5 litre chemical tanks are quickly removed for re-filling.

Serviceability was also critical; our aim was to reduce maintenance costs to a minimum. We therefore chose to design the front cabinet in such a way that the whole cabinet easily tips up for fast and easy access to the motor pump unit. Pump oil levels can also be seen from the outside of the machine. POSEIDON models 6 and 7 feature a low pump oil safety device which automatically cuts the pressure washer out if pump oil becomes too low. The POSEIDON  5 can be upgraded with a low pump oil security system if required.


The Nilfisk-ALTO development team are delighted with the results of this project. Our aim was to produce a heavy duty, cost effective cleaning partner and we feel sure we have succeeded. All of the new Poseidon cold water pressure washer models will be available from September 2012.’