01 MARCH 2012

New Outdoor Division

The Nilfisk-Advance Group have announced the creation of a totally new division worldwide. The Outdoor Division will extend the Nilfisk range into the green maintenance, utility vehicle and 1.5 cubic metre road sweeper sectors.

Nilfisk developed the RS Road Sweeper range several years ago gaining considerable experience in this arena. Recently however they acquired the Danish outdoor cleaning equipment manufacturer Egholm. Nilfisk-Egholm products within the outdoor range will include high quality green area maintenance machines and heavy duty road sweepers.

These cost effective machines have the benefit of combined function; sold with anything up to 13 different attachments the units undertake year round tasks such as green areas, winter maintenance and road sweeping.

First into the UK is the compact Nilfisk-Egholm City Ranger 2250, a 34 Horse Power, 4 wheel drive vehicle that can be tailored to all applications.

The City Ranger is a manoeuvrable 3 in 1 multi function machine which delivers considerable cost savings to the customer. Grass cutting, lawn edging and hedge trimming complete the green maintenance facility whilst winter maintenance tasks such as snow sweeping, spreading gravel, salt and sand are easily managed with additional attachments.

Attachments are quick and easy to change with a single lock and release lever, hydraulics connect automatically making it impossible to fit the attachments incorrectly.

The units have excellent weight distribution too due to a low point of gravity and a large axle base.  This makes them very stable in all terrains with the articulated design keeping the unit close to edges and turning sharp corners. The City Ranger is compact and easily transported on a truck or trailer. Market tested and proven this machine is a powerful market contender.

Fresh into the Nilfisk Group camp is also Jungojet, a specialist manufacturer of utility vehicles, winter maintenance and road sweeping machines.

Nilfisk UK have recruited specialist Outdoor personnel from industry competitors who will focus solely on the new division.