31 MARCH 2015

MC 3C and MC 4M - innovative industrial pressure washers

Nilfisk-ALTO offers the innovative range of cold water high pressure washers, giving you the benefits of easy and intuitive overall handling. You can benefit on the general everyday cleaning tasks, getting better ergonomics and improved storage solutions that will reduce your running costs, give you greater cleaning efficiency, improved serviceability and reduced maintenance costs.  

The two high pressure washers MC 3C and MC 4M from Nilfisk-ALTO offer you significant benefits. They offer higher cleaning efficiency - by adding detergent with a separate Foam Sprayer, to dissolve light grease, fats and stubborn dirt. They also have intuitive service functions. It all adds up to superior cleaning results, saved time and lower costs. 

The ideal choice

The MC range is the ideal choice for small building companies, light agriculture such as small arable and milk farms, and automotive areas such as garages and car rental companies. 


The MC 3C and 4M series are available both in single phase and in three phase versions, with FlexoPower Plus or Universal Plus lance or as XT model with hose reel and 4-in-1 lance. 


Foam makes the difference

Cleaning light dirt, mud, dust, mineral dirt, and light pollution can, in most cases, be carried out just by using cold water. When it comes to more challenging tasks like light grease and fats, detergent must be added. Until now detergents have been supplied by a built-in low-pressure injector, but now Nilfisk-ALTO has developed a unique Foam Sprayer system with a separate bottle and foam sprayer, offering two significant benefits. Working pressure has increased, and at the same time detergent and water are saved with the ‘sticky’ foam being more effective.  

Robust and safe to handle – more intuitive and easy use

The design of MC 3C and MC 4M has been made more robust, focuses on easy handling and manoeuvrability and improved storage functions. To improve the overall movability the MC range is equipped with large  250 mm wheels that ensure much easier movement of the product - even on rough ground or stairs.  To improve storage functions, a unique spray gun holder has been introduced, to protect the gun from damages during transport or storage. Furthermore, the new rotating cable hook makes winding and unwinding of the electrical cable effortless.

Additional features

Detergent foam


  • Detergent foam sticks to the dirt working more effectively
  • Up to 20% increase in nozzle pressure and cleaning effect, thanks to the external foam sprayer system


Easy and safe handling


  • ​Innovative holder protects Spray Gun from damage during storage and transport
  • Rotating cable hook for easier removal and wind-up of power cable
  • Robust design with larger 250 mm wheels, optimises transport on rough surfaces and steps


Time-saving and easy service and maintenance


  • ​Pump oil tank with oil level sight and fill/empty function
  • ​​Easy opening and removing of cabinet for access to the pump