15 AUGUST 2013

MAXXI II - The Ultimate Choice for Wet And Dry Vacuuming

​The MAXXI II series combines productivity, high quality and ease of use to produce an impressive wet and dry vacuum cleaner.


MAXXI II is your trusted tool when an area needs fast and efficient cleaning with minimal disruption of daily activities.

MAXXI II is ideally suited for demanding wet and dry jobs, especially in demanding environments such as building sites and light industry, and for cleaning up after plumbers, electricians and other contractors.

This new wet and dry vacuum cleaner presents a number of innovative design features making everyday operation and maintenance easy, ergonomic and productive.

Handling of filters has become trouble-free thus increasing productivity. The new dual filtration makes it possible for you to use MAXXI II for both wet or dry cleaning without the need to change filters. Each motor is specific for the application, which ensures maximum performance and high reliability.

With the new hinged motor head, the maintenance and filter change is much easier and faster without lifting off the motor and the operator can conveniently empty the container without moving any components thus avoiding damage or loss. When emptying, the weight of the motor head counterbalances the weight of the container, allowing for a smooth and easy emptying process.


The MAXXI II is the choice for maximum performance when dealing with both wet and dry substances.