01 DECEMBER 2010

Electrically Activated Water – No Better than the Tap

Stringent tests were carried out by two independent and internationally accredited laboratories using ASTM standards and industry best practices.

These independent test results discredit claims that electrically activated water converts water into a powerful detergent when used within floor scrubbing machines.

Tests prove that there is no improvement in cleaning when using electrically activated water as opposed to plain tap water. Test did show however that improvements were seen when a common detergent was used.

Cleaning efficiency test results from both laboratories can be downloaded from here 

Ben Quirk, Marketing Manager for Nilfisk UK stated; ‘Modern industries should rely on credible science to provide quality products and services. Water has always been a good cleaning agent within a Scrubber Dryer but some floor conditions require detergent to achieve a satisfactory result.’


About EcoFlex™ System
The Ecoflex concept, developed by Nilfisk in 2009, allows the operator of the machine to match the machines performance to the level of soiling and the required level of clean.

Simply put the system switches between chemical free water only and varying levels of detergent use, down pressure and flow rates. Ecoflex is the only system that allows the user total flexibility, one machine, multiple choices, and acceptable levels of clean.

On start up a machine starts in Ecoflex mode and uses minimum amounts of water, chemical and power. On encountering a soiled area the operator activates a one minute burst of power and detergent for extra performance. The machine then moves automatically back into Ecoflex mode retaining the flexibility for more agressive cleaning when required.

More information on Ecoflex