20 OCTOBER 2010

NEW BR652/752 Ride On Scrubber Dryer - Green Meets Clean

The new BR 652/752 series of lean compact ride-on scrubber/dryers from Nilfisk represents a major step forward in cleaning innovation. This pioneering and versatile machine is suitable for cleaning floors and surfaces at hospitals, supermarkets, warehouses, sport centers, airports, parking lots, food industry and more. The extremely low noise level makes the machine ideal for sensitive areas and day-cleaning.

Nilfisk-Advance is one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment. With its ground-breaking Ecoflex green-cleaning concept, Nilfisk-Advance has introduced a technology that controls the consumption of water, detergent and energy, thus protecting the environment, saving water, and reducing costs without compromising performance.

BR 652/752The patented scrubbing deck concept of BR 652/752 is setting a new standard for the industry. As the machine turns, so too does the deck. This solution is so efficient that side skirts are no longer needed.

Together with the new “intelligent” squeegee - which perfectly covers the scrubbing track without leaving traces - the Nilfisk concept delivers superb cleaning performance.

The extreme compactness of the ride-on guarantees an easy access to congested areas such as supermarkets and hospitals.

The unique Ecoflex green-cleaning concept, developed by Nilfisk-Advance, is designed to operate in water, detergent and energy saving mode from start. When needed, the operator can activate the Ecoflex paddle and the machine will boost water, detergent and pressure, for heavier cleaning. After one minute the machine returns to green mode.


Nilfisk BR 652/752 series is loaded with features such as ergonomic steering wheel with all working functions fully integrated and a fully adjustable traction pedal that can be aligned with the operator's driving position emphasizing the high ergonomic standard of this machine.For further comfort add an optional trash basket and mop kit.

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Innovative, userfriendly and designed to clean better 
• New sliding deck concept; maximum comfort and performance, minimum efforts and maintenance
• New squeegee concept; a stable and reliable squeegee for the best pick up performance
• EcoflexTM system minimises the environmental impact without compromising performance
• New ergonomic steering wheel concept with all working functions fully integrated
• Patented automatic speed control that significantly increases operator safety
• Super compact design makes cleaning of restricted space areas fast and easy
• Low noise mode makes daytime cleaning and cleaning of noise-sensitive areas viable
• Robust and extremely versatile machine suitable for many different application areas such as hospitals, supermarkets, warehouses, sport centres,airports, car parks and food industry
• Low foot platform: easy driver access from both sides of the machine

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