25 JANUARY 2012

NEW 3 Year Pressure Washer Warranty

Nilfisk ALTO are pleased to offer a 3 Year Warranty for pumps and unloaders on a large number of models in our professional high pressure washer range.

We are confident that Nilfisk-ALTO industrial pumps for our professional high pressure washers are amongst the most durable and reliable on the market. As a testament to this confidence, we now offer a 3 Year Warranty period on our NA5, NP5 and C3 pumps in association with a simple maintenance agreement. The maintenance agreement will cover the basic inspection and replacement of wear parts, change of pump oil etc, at agreed intervals with the customer, based upon individual applications and usage. The 3 Year Warranty itself also covers production failures and abnormal or premature component failure.

A simple maintenance agreement is supported by a maintenance plan ensuring that the pressure washer maintains optimal performance and will extend the overall lifetime of the product. This in turn will reduce the overall cost of cleaning for our customers.

We believe that this extended warranty, covering parts, labour and callout at Nilfisk ALTO rates will send a strong signal to our customers that Nilfisk-ALTO stands by its commitment to quality and is a reliable partner in the cleaning business.

Click here for list of models covered by the warranty scheme.

On the sale of a qualifying machine the machine must be registered online at the registration web site below to be covered by the 3 Year Warranty programme.

To register your product click here

At online registration the serial number, purchase date and other information will be requested.