The production of pharmaceuticals requires effective solutions that can guarantee excellent hygiene, top product quality, and safe working conditions for operators. 

Discover the Nilfisk machines we recommend for the pharma industry. 



​General cleaning



Benefits & Advantages

  • Top product quality
  • Total hygiene
  • No cross-contamination
  • Cleaner and healthier working environment
  • Increased productivity

Cleanrooms hygiene

The essential elements of a cleanroom are filters for high (HEPA) and ultra high efficiency (ULPA), depending on the nature of the contaminants to be controlled. 
Nilfisk can provide machines suitable for the most severe ISO 4 cleanrooms.



Vacuuming waste from machinery

Powerful and silent, mobile or fixed, Nilfisk industrial vacuums conform to GMPs. Our machines offer a smooth de​sign without angles or stagnant pockets to avoid dust residuals.

Nilfisk industrial vacuums are top quality and remove dust from the environment and from equipment, avoiding product contamination.

They also continuously collect dust and waste, increasing productivity and saving time. Nilfisk machines help guard your employees’ health, providing total filtration so the working environment is dust-free and air is clean and healthy.



Deep cleaning the floor 

In small to medium laboratories and all around the production site, assuring maximum hygiene in the minimum  time possible is key.The walk-behind Nilfisk scrubber dryer series offers comfort and productivity in a compact and easy-to-clean design.

Floors are deep-cleaned and dried in one single pass, even in small and congested areas. The Nilfisk Ecoflex system lets you temporarily boost water and detergent for more aggressive cleaning tasks.

We believe it is the best solution for pharmaceutical production facilities.



 ​Convey powder, granules, tablets and empty capsules


Convey the dust mixture

Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors move dry raw materials, such as powders and/or granules, to feed processing machines and systems such as reactors, mixers, dosing machines, bins, and blistering machines. Nilfisk is always ready to provide customised solutions, and our solutions are always certified. 

Pushing capsules

A pushing system is frequently used to move and transfer empty capsules of different sizes to the filling machine, preserving their integrity. The machines move the material to the required location in the selected quantities and within the desired time. The product conveying process takes place in perfect hygienic conditions, respecting both the environment and the operators’ health. 

Benefits & Advantages

  • Avoids dust dispersion and product contamination: Conveyed material is kept in an isolated environment from pickup to the release point.

  • Moves the pharmaceutical mixtures while preserving their integrity, keeping the percentages of single components intact (this has been validated by a study made in collaboration with the University of Parma).

  • Avoids the opening of empty capsules during the conveying.

  • Increases productivity and automation​​

Dust containment

The recovery of pharmaceutical active compounds requires special devices and features to protect the operator from contact. Nilfisk has designed a high containment filter unit (up to OEB5) for this application. It is available in several versions, from standard to the most customised.​



Benefits & Advantages

Total safety

  • Containment level up to OEB5. 
  • HEPA14 absolute filtration.
  • Safe replacement of filters and disposal of collected material. 
  • Wash In Place to deactivate dust into the unit. 
  • Validation of the unit before installation. 
  • Suitable for combustible dust.

GMP conformity 

  • Machine easy to clean and sanitise. Validation of the washing and cleaning processes before installation.
  • Complete disconnection of the filter unit from the vacuum line at the end of the operation to avoid cross-contamination.


  • 24/7 operating machines. 
  • High capacity container. 
  • Devices to detect the status of the filters and machine performances.
  • Ease of use
  • Easy replacement of the filters and consumable parts. 
  • Risk of mistakes reduced to the minimum level.

Safe absolute filter replacement

The HEPA filter can be safely removed thanks to the BagIn BagOut (BIBO) system. The operator does not come into contact with the contaminated particulate filter ​while removing the bag, protecting the operator against  contaminants retained by the filter unit. The sealed bag containing the filter is then removed and disposed of.

Safe material disposal

The hopper is emptied, opening the butterfly valve. The material is collected into a plastic bag that can be safely sealed, removed and replaced by the operator without any contact with particles.



Clean in place & wash in place

The cyclone unit and filter unit can be washed inside – both by complete flooding and sprayballs - deactivating dust on the surfaces. The exhaust air is filtered by HEPA filters, while the washing liquid can be safely discharged. The WIP and CIP processes can be validated with fluorescein tests before installation.

Fixed and continuous vacuuming on process machines


Benefits & Advantages

  • Top product quality
  • Top safety
  • Top automation
  • Top air quality control

Fixed vacuuming is an integral part of medicine production process.

The automatic machines require a constant vacuum to avoid residual dust that can contaminate the medicines or be released into the environment.

Because the filter is a crucial element in the fixed vacuuming application, Nilfisk vacuum cleaners are equipped with HEPA and/or ULPA certified filters.

Industrial vacuums are an indispensable ally in pharmaceutical production. They provide quality and maintain safety.