Cosmetics companies must observe high standards of hygiene as they manage of tons of powders.

Nilfisk offers solutions for cleaning and the management, transfer and disposal of powders used for cosmetic products production.

Nilfisk also provides ATEX certified vacuums that can be employed in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Cosmetic product process support



Benefits & Advantages

  • Automate production
  • Save time in feeding the machines
  • Get a cleaner environment

Filling the automatic machines

Many of the cosmetics we use daily, including toothpaste, are based on powders.

The powders are released into the mixers along with with oils and other substances.

Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors can help: they avoid demixing the product and automate production.


Maintain hygiene starting from the production floor

Cosmetic companies’ hygiene needs are similar to those of pharmaceutical companies. Floors require frequent cleaning, and the use of scrubbers allows for floor cleaning many times during the day without having to worry about the costs of management.

Nilfisk machines offer a low operating cost and optimise the use of detergents and the consumption of energy. Thanks to their high quality, they rarely require special maintenance.

Nilfisk is the right partner for the production floors of cosmetic companies.