Making gardeners’ work easier

A compact and maneuverable utility machine makes life easier for a gardener. Nilfisk has designed a whole range of attachments to assist gardeners with tough jobs – like our tipping shovel, which helps with heavy lifting, and our hydraulic hedge trimmer to spare the gardener’s shoulders. With a Nilfisk Park Ranger Riding lawn mower, it´s a pleasure cutting the grass - even around obstacles like trees and flowerbeds and under bushes. Because it’s so lightweight, the Park Ranger 2150 leaves no tracks on the lawn. 

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​Environmentally-friendly weed control

Nobody likes weeds, but it’s not an easy choice to use pesticides to eliminate them in gardens and parks. Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers provide you with several solutions for non-toxic weed control. Our verticutter for non-toxic lawn care removes weeds and moss from lawns without pesticides. And the Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers can be fitted with a weed brush for non-toxic weed control on pavements, paths, flagstones, and asphalt. Our environmental rake keeps gravel roads weed-free without pesticides.

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