Streets and car parks

Clean streets, bicycle lanes and car parks make a city more attractive and livable. Nilfisk Rangers offer a proven all-year-round solution for keeping outdoor areas clean and pleasant. 

From suction sweeping to removing dirt and waste, from street washing to scrubbing paths clean, Nilfisk Rangers are ready, helped by a wide range of tailor-made attachments. 

Rangers can also help with weed control, to assure a longer lifetime for paved streets and sidewalks. And they’re ready to assist with winter maintenance for public safety. The City Ranger 3500 can carry out all of these tasks with impressive results.   ​

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Icy and slippery streets require quick reactions​

Snow and freezing rain can arrive suddenly in winter. Reacting quickly can​ make a big difference when it comes to public safety. Yet snow removal from streets, bicycle lanes and sidewalks can be a difficult and exhausting job.  

That’s why the City Ranger 3500 has been built for high performance. The Ranger allows for a quick shift of attachments, so the machine is always ready to go when required. 

And the same machine you use for street cleaning all year round can also handle your winter jobs, keeping the streets safe during the chilly months.

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