High power vacuums, ride-on scrubber dryers and ride-on sweepers are irreplaceable tools in heavy industry operations where material recovery is important for safety and for cost control. 

Nilfisk machines are low-maintenance and easy to use, and their extraordinary performance means they rapidly pay for themselves.​

Benefits & Advantages

  • Collect material in few minutes
  • Cost saving
  • Time saving​ 


​Applications in steel production

Steel tube production

Using an industrial vacuum cleaner reduces machine downtime during production and avoids wear on tools. Direct use of an industrial vacuum will reduce general cleaning by approximately 70%. Steel tubes need to cool down after production, which produces a steel slag that needs to be removed prior to the nextstage of production.





Heavy duty cleaning of large areas inside and outside the foundries

The Nilfisk combination machines series easily removes all kind of dust with high brush pressure. A cleaner environment quickly improves safety and productivity.

Collecting chips from steel plates

In steel production, a large steel saw automatically saws steel plates. To keep the production clean and operation at peak quality, the sawdust must be removed. Removing large quantities of metal chips, keeps production running continuously.