Clean and germ-free care homes

Care homes and nursing homes can be crowded and involve close-contact between vulnerable individuals with weak immune systems which leads to an increased risk of infection transmission. 

Dust and germs represent a serious threat to residents with reduced resistance to diseases therefore it is of vital importance that care homes are kept clean and germ-free.

Nilfisk can help you improve the cleanliness of your busy care home with specific professional cleaning solutions covering the various areas – from cleaning floors to kitchens to outdoor areas and parking.





Cleaner floors

Innovative technology and ease of use make our lines of automatic scrubbers, burnishers, vacuums and carpet extractors effective and efficient. 

Floors are made cleaner and safer, using fewer chemicals and detergents, improving indoor air quality and safety for residents, staff and visitors. 

From small to large areas, including  recovery rooms, offices, entrances and corridors – Nilfisk has the floor care solution that can assure the high standard of hygiene and disinfection you need.

Cleaner kitchens

When preparing food for many residents and staff members every day, it is important to maintain high hygiene standards in the care home kitchens.

Nilfisk’s cleaning machines deliver superior performance without sacrificing productivity – leaving kitchen floors clean, dry, safe and ready to use.





Cleaner outdoor facilities and parking

As the seasons change, the outside areas at care homes still need to be maintained and look presentable for the residents and visitors well-being. Suction sweeping and green care tasks will be key in summer. 

In Autumn collecting leaves will ensure outdoor areas are kept tidy and slips prevented. For the safety of pedestrians it is important that paths are kept free from ice in winter. Nilfisk provides a range of highly maneuverable outdoor utility machines. 

The versatile range of tailor made attachments for each machine provides you to do the work all year round with the one and same machine.