During meat processing, cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of equipment and tools takes place regularly and frequently. Nilfisk provides any machine necessary for cleaning floors and equipment after processing is finished. The use of the right tools for a deep cleaning and sanitising saves time, allows work in a clean environment, and  comply with regulations.



Separation of solids from liquids



Nilfisk industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to recover meat, debris and liquids in slaughterhouses and are able to separate solids from liquids. After recovery, liquids can be quickly expelled and solid materials can be removed separately. One tool, many benefits.
Benefits & Advantages
  • Recover the solid material in minutes
  • Collect any kind of liquid
  • Use just one tool


Salt recovery


A machine for salting can ensure an absolutely exact percentage of salt, but it cannot adapt to the differences in each piece of ham or notice when one thigh "takes" the salt more or less than another. This means many kilos of salt are wasted by the machine and need to be recovered quickly.  The Nilfisk stainless steel industrial vacuum is used to recover salt and other corrosive material, with assistance from specific accessories and optional add-ons.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Increase automation
  • Stop wasting salt
  • Prolong machine lifetime



Equipment cleaning




Cleaning a slaughterhouse requires professional tools that can remove all kinds of waste with minimal effort. Mobile or stationary Nilfisk pressure washers, offer a wide range of applications to operate in every area of the production. They’re effective in the meat processing area as well as for the cleaning of floors and even trucks, all in one tool.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Save time in cleaning
  • Get a deep and efficient sanitisation
  • Comply with production rules
  • Create a safer working environment