Today closed loops are widely used on all PVC installations processes with automatic control, these processes include the control systems for emissions abatement. Nilfisk is present in the manufacturing process, providing pneumatic conveyors equipped with absolute filters. Nilfisk doesn’t just mean “cleaning”.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Healthier environment
  • Safer environment
  • Automated and safe production process



Conveyance of granulates  ​
Convey granulates into the injection machine

Nilfisk provides pneumatic conveyors to the injection production area.
The pneumatic conveyor is able to transfer the plastic granulate from a large bag or silo to the hopper and then to the injection press.
The system will run when the process needs granulate and stop when the hoppers is full.


Injection press cleaning

Consistently collect plastic debris and oil from the injection press during working cycles

Injection press cleaning can be done easily with the Nilfisk VHO200, ECO-OIL or S3. Oil will be collected into the retention tank during the preventive maintenance operation, usually by the machine operator during working cycles. The vacuum minimises work stoppages and increase productivity.


Cutting machines cleaning

Collecting dust or debris/chips that lying on cutting machines

A single phase, 3-motor vacuum is used to quickly and easily clean the machine after a cutting operation.
If a centralised system is used, the plastic or aluminum shavings are continuously collected into a pre-separator with a manual or
automatic valve. Material can then be easily discharged into the facility’s compactor.


Floor cleaning in manufacturing areas 

Collecting all type of residues mixed with oil.

For collecting residues mixed with oil, Nilfisk suggests an easy-to-move sweeper. The suggested model for medium manufacturing areas, is the model SR100S.
This model can easily collect all types of debris throughout the production area.
The continuous collection of dust and debris keeps production running and eliminates the kind of large cleaning projects that can often stop production.