Product safety is a must in the beverage industry.

Nilfisk has a solution for any cleaning problem. We can help with sanitising equipment, cleaning the floor, and  assisting the process machines with the pneumatic transfer of powders and granules. We offer everything your company needs to continue producing an excellent product.

 Benefits & Advantages 

  • Increase automation 
  • Improve safety 
  • Comply with regulations 
  • Ensure great product quality 
  • Avoid machinery downtime 
Recovery of liquids and waste in production, storage and ageing systems
Collecting liquids

Nilfisk produces industrial vacuums designed for cleaning in food storage and ageing areas where it is necessary to vacuum liquids, solid organics and materials. 
There are three immediate advantages: making the floor safe, making the production site more hygienic, and at the same time decreasing the risk of contamination.​


Separation of flesh from juice

In fruit juices processing, the recovery of pulp requires lot of time. Nilfisk industrial vacuums make this operation part of the daily routine. It becomes fast and easy, allowing you to save time, keep equipment clean and switch equipment quickly for different usage, saving money.
Discover Nilfisk’s new VHO200 model. Just flick a switch to blow and then discharge the liquids previously extracted, leaving pulp in a dedicated container.


Drying the floor

Washing and drying the floor is essential in order to increase safety and reduce the risk of slip-and-fall injuries. 
A good scrubber dryer performs the washing and drying operation in few minutes, ensuring hygiene and safety.
Nilfisk offers a wide range of scrubber-dryers; small, medium and large. Choose based on the size of the surface to dry, and start saving time and money immediately.

Production processing applications




Convey coffee granules or tea leaves

Process integrated machines like Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors are critical for beverage production. Installed in many coffee plants, the Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors work differently than traditional systems like conveyors belts, and scrolls. To transfer the product to the different points in the coffee plant, the principle of suction is used. Thanks to its reduced dimensions, the pneumatic conveyor can be placed anywhere you need it. Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors solve the problem of having to change the distance of the transfer points or convey the product from one room to another. Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors transfer the material simply by means of a hose.​
Convey products for olive oil and wine filtration

Nilfisk has built a transportation system for the conveying of products for filtration, designed for large wine and olive oil companies, 
The models are single-phase and three-phase:
  • The single-phase model is particularly suitable for small filters under vacuum and alluvial filters for purifying.
  • The three-phase model is ideal for the filling of more than one filter. Product collection can be carried out manually, by a tube immersed in the bag.
There is also an automatic system for the emptying of the Big Bag up to a capacity of 1.300 Kg/h.